Security DVR Firmware Update Instruction

Security DVR Firmware Update Instruction

Postby CCTV Professional » Wed Oct 24, 2012 4:10 pm

Please do DVR local upgrade, Please do not use DVR remote upgrade, because interrupted Internet may stop and damage the DVR.

How to Flash & Upgrade DVR firmware: (Step 3-5 is for Flash, Step 9 is for Update)

1) save the firmware folder file to desktop in pc

2) take USB drive, plug in pc, format it to FAT32 format( usb cannot have other exisiting files on it)

3) open "flash" folder in the firmware folder, there should be 7 files, copy these 7 files into the usb drive

4)with the dvr powered OFF, plug usb drive into front usb port, then power on dvr

5) dvr screen should be black about 10-15 minutes ( DO NOT do anything to dvr at this point, let dvr reboot and prompt you to log in screen)

6) log in dvr, go to main menu, information, then system and check firmware to make sure updated

7) take usb drive out of dvr, back in pc, format to FAT32 again to remove the flash files

8) in firmware folder on desktop, look for the firmware file itself, should look like 3 different colored books tied around with belt, should start with letters "TD"

9) copy this file into USB drive, plug back into dvr, go to main menu, click "upgrade", click refresh button so file will be recognized, once file shows on screen, click upgrade
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