Basic Troubleshooting Guide for All DVR Models

Basic Troubleshooting Guide for All DVR Models

Postby CCTV Professional » Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:10 pm

1. Forgot my password:
-For DVR8500 Series-Log in with master password (if firmware version is 3.1.9 or above use 6036huanyuan; if firmware version below is 3.1.9 use ttvvtthuanyuan)
-For DVR 4000 Series- press ESC button for 5 seconds, hold down STOP button until you hear a BEEP sound and DVR restarts itself

2. Cannot see anything on monitor:
-Check power LED light on DVR
-Check cable in back
-Check monitor cable/power
-Check power strip

3. Hard Drive not detected:
-Check SATA and power cables to make sure it is plugged in
-Power adapter may not be strong enough
-Hard drive may be damaged, or could be motherboard problem.

4. Cannot record video:
-Check hard drive settings, make sure hard drive is detected
-Check menu settings to make sure recording is enabled
-Hard drive may be damaged, or could be motherboard problem

5. Cannot use mouse/remote:
-Make sure mouse is plugged in BACK usb port of the DVR
-Reboot DVR, check connection
-Try a different mouse
-Change from BNC to VGA output or vice versa
-Unplug hard drive from DVR

6. DVR keeps rebooting itself:
-Check power adapter and power strip (could be too many devices plugged in strip)
-Isolate DVR power to its own plug
-Remove hard drive and run DVR without the hard drive for awhile to see if that fixes the problem

7. Cannot see anything on screen or control menu:
-Check to see how you have your monitor and DVR connected: VGA or BNC? If BNC, then press the ESC button until it BEEPS and restarts (DVR8500series only)
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