How to use CCTV Video Balun for DVR system connection?

How to use CCTV Video Balun for DVR system connection?

Postby CCTV Professional » Fri Jul 17, 2009 3:55 pm

CCTV Video Balun has "two screw terminals" that allow you use Cat 5 (or better) cable. Up to four of the 500009

screw terminal baluns can be used to send video on a single Cat 5 cable. Using the screw terminals saves you time

and money since you do not have to buy special tools to attach RJ45 connectors to Cat 5 cable.

CCTV Video Balun allows for a baseband composite video signal to be transmitted via a single unshielded twisted pair

(UTP) cable for more versatile cabling.

You will need a pair of baluns (one at each end) for each composite video signal transmitted on a CAT 5 - you can

transmit four composite video signals, one on each of the four pairs of a single CAT 5.

- Cost Savings - eliminates coaxial cable
- Less down time - quicker moves, adds and changes.
- Neater wiring.
- No special RJ45 Crimping Tools required.
- Lifetime Warranty.
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