Security DVR Network Problems.

Security DVR Network Problems.

Postby CCTV Professional » Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:07 pm

Dear cctvdirectbuy,

1- does it come with instructions to view camaera over internet explorer? From what I can see it is not client software based it is internet explorer.

2- are you able to hear sound over the internet for the cameras?

3- does it work with windows mobile 7 phone?
audio over phone? can you go back to older video from the phone?

4- i saw the plugs for the bnc for video and didn't see the plugs for the audio. am i looking at something the wrong way?

5- when looking over the internet can you archive video? view old video not just live?

6- if open and decide don't want it just get in touch with you and pay postage per the selling instructions

I appolgize for so many questions it is an electronic so I would like to get this information.

thank you


1. You can see video in either IE or DVR software.

2. Yes, DVR has audio inputs.
You need microphone for your camera: ... cts_id=179

3. It works with win mob 7. No audio over phone, no playback over phone.

4. There's cord for audio inputs.

5. yes, you can playback video over the internet.

6. you will have 14 days for return.
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