USB DVR usage questions

USB DVR usage questions

Postby CCTV Professional » Thu Oct 21, 2010 12:03 pm

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Q: Hi, if I bought this unit would I: 1. Be able to run the camera system along with doing my daily work activities at the same time on my computer. 2. This unit comes with 50 ft cables. I dont want the 50ft cables, I would want 100ft in place of the 50ft. How would we go about that and what is the price difference? Also if the 100ft is not long enought can I buy connectors thur you or at an electronics store that I can connect a couple of cables together to get the lenght of cable I need? Would a couple of cables connected affect the output of the particular camera? Thanks...


Thank you for asking.

1. Yes, you can use your computer at the same time.

2. 100 feet cable is $4 extra for each, you can send money to our paypal account:, please write a note when you send money.

3. Yes, you can buy a coupling connector, then connect 2 rolls of 100 feet cables.
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