Security DVR model DVR308 Record Question

Security DVR model DVR308 Record Question

Postby CCTV Professional » Mon Oct 25, 2010 9:18 am

> Hi guys ....just wondering if you can help me with some ideas on more
> memory for my 8 camera system ....i thought it saves the photos for a few
> days then ...go's back to being able to record more .....i have 2 new usb
> is 8 g one is 6 .....should i use them eeryday or what do i need to do
> to have more time on my dvr ??i only have 3 cameras on for now and the other
> squares are blocked out . i have it on motion only 15 fps ...but the dvr
> still says no data .and wont let me record any time even after i rebooted it
> to factory settings . what would help thanks carol


Do you mean: the DVR can't record?

1. USB flash drive is only for backup, if you can backup, that means the DVR has recorded data.

2. Please make sure the DVR is recording. There's a color dot on the top screen of each channel shows this.
You also can find the setting in DVR menu->record->record schedule

3. For hard drive issue, Please go to DVR menu->maintanence->hdd manage (see the hard drive working properly, e.g. state: writing)
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